About Temple Project

Welcome to Temple Project, passionately designed endurance sports apparel for everyday athletes.  

We are a team of age-group athletes who have a mission to share and promote the gospel of endurance sports with others.  The idea of Temple was born out of a collective experience of the positive impact endurance sports have had in our lives.  What once started out once as an interest developed into a hobby, which overtime spurred on by the desire to see how far we could push our limits blossomed into a passion and a mission.  

We believe that your body is a temple, a sacred vessel deserving of only the best, whether it be nutrition or exercise.  We also believe that endurance sports are the best way to provide your body with the physical challenge needed to stay fit with the clarity of mind.  If you’ve ever felt the physical and emotional catharsis after completing a marathon or long-course triathlon you will know exactly what we mean.  

Currently, we are still in the process of building up our product portfolio, which will include cycling, triathlon, and running apparel. So far we have launched several of our cycling and triathlon collection.  We are now accepting international orders and are working with several retailers in several countries Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Netherlands so sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest info. 

Take your journey as an endurance athlete with us