Altitude collapse - sketch 238


Altitude collapse by Juliane Borths 
"From the top of the mountain down to the shorelines"

This special 'Altitude collapse' collection portrays a reflection of the colors Jule encountered on her bike journey from the top of towering mountains, overlooking the cliffs down below that was radiated by one final twinkle of sunlight,  all the way to the serene dim blue shoreline far down in the valley.

Our latest collab with Jule (IG: I.draw.on.bikes) is a special one.
We met her this year at Kolektif bike fair in Berlin where we had the chance to see what she does with her art and we were lucky enough that she shared her "altitude collapse" project.

This limited collection is available for pre-order and available for men and women.
Pre-order is now open until the end of August.
ETA end of October 2020.

Your "Altitude Collapse" jersey sits tighter than your normal jersey, for a more relaxed fit please choose one size bigger.
See our size chart below.

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